Would you like to quote more work so you can get more jobs but donít have the man power and time?  Are on-going projects taking up all your time and you donít have time to bid more work, so you can keep pace?  Let us lighten your load.  Why not outsource to the lumber estimating professionals?  Don't miss a chance to land that next profitable project.  Take the next step & utilize our professional service to help your business grow. 

When Outsourcing to Quick Frame Estimating Service you Will:

Bid On Time - With Quick Frame's fast turn around you will never miss a bid.  We work closely with you to make sure your lists are delivered on time. When youíre in a time crunch don't worry we can always accommodate rush jobs.  Just give us call and we will make sure your takeoff is done when you need it.

Bid Accurately - Quick Frame Lists are clean, concise, accurate, with the detail that improves field efficiency.

Bid Confidently - You will have increased confidence that you will be on the money with your bid, giving you the edge over your competition.

Save Time - Free up your time for important tasks like meeting with clients and manage ongoing projects.

Save Money - Pay us only when you need us. Avoid hiring more costly full time staff, needing to pay them whether you have work for them or not, plus benefits, etc.

Increase Productivity - Without the burden of being buried in takeoff you will allow yourself time to expand your business by landing more jobs and having the time to manage them.

Lumber Pricing - Quick Frame lumber lists are quick & easy to price.  We can also supply lumber consolidations dramatically shorting line items to be priced.  Suppliers utilizing Quick Frame TelePrice can price the largest lists in minutes eliminating manual list input.