List Formats

Our Lists can be delivered in any format you choose:

Standard Itemized Lumber Lists - Lists are packaged in standard framing packages - Foundation, 1st fame, 1st fame Cut packages, 2nd Frame, Stairs & Drops, Roof Load, Exterior, etc. We can package your list in virtually any way you would like.  We normally break the lists into three separate lists Lumber, Sheathing and Glulam/Manufactured Products.  However, they can be easily combined into one list or any combination of lists if desired.

Consolidated Lumber Lists - Combines all like line items from one, or many lists, with or without mixes, drastically reducing the number of line items to be priced.  Great for pricing enables faster quotes. 

Mixed Lists -  Are the same buildings being built more than once in your project?  Mixed Lists are especially handy in apartment and condo projects where you will find numerous buildings duplicated. We can run a mix on your lists in order to give you the total material needed to build each structure.  We can also provide consolidations with the mix/multiplier for each structure providing a bulk consolidated list for an entire project.

List Delivery - Lists can be Faxed or Emailed in our TelePrice format for fast and easy pricing.  We can also provide lists in Excel or in .PDF file format.