Quick Frame TelePrice

Many Lumber suppliers who use our Quick Frame Estimating Service utilize Quick Frame TelePrice to speed up their quoting process.  Quick Frame lists are directly assimilated into TelePrice eliminating manual list input for pricing. For large jobs a consolidation can be automatically run to dramatically cut down on the line items to be priced, while still containing all line item material from all individual lists. Normally on large projects this process reduces the number of line items by about 90%!  This enables you to quote your jobs in a fraction of the time it would normally take when you have to input unconsolidated line items for pricing.  With TelePrice your salesmen can go after large projects that they would never have time to quote in without the system.  The possibilities are endless, some of our lumber sales customers tell us they are able to single handedly do the work that 35 or more sales personnel could do using standard methods!

For More information on Quick Frame TelePrice and how it can help you and your company contact us today at (707) 421-9004 or please visit our site dedicated to our software solutions - www.quickframesystems.com/software.php